CLEAR @ Lives & Afterlives of Plastic conference

The “Lives and Afterlives of Plastic” is an online conference conceived of as a forum to facilitate and an interdisciplinary dialogue on the social and environmental issues that surround plastic.

This conference is fully online, and aims to be nearly carbon neutral. While traditional conferences involve academics flying from all over the world to a specific venue, emitting huge amounts of fossil fuels into the stratosphere, an online format means that there are no carbon costs associated with transportation.

For each of the three weeks the conference is live, there will be one keynote speaker and several panels running. Each panel will have its own webpage consisting of the video presentations that have been submitted by presenters. Each panel will go live on the week scheduled in the conference programme. Each panel of video presentations will be accompanied by a comments section. The comments section for each panel will be open during the week that panel is programmed to go live. After that week, we are not expecting presenters to be checking the page for comments to respond to, and hope the focus of the conference moves towards the next set of panels. This means that presenters are able to receive more substantive feedback on their presentations than is common at traditional conferences. Following the third week of the conference, we will have a plenary discussion, with the aim of catalysing future collaborations and reflecting upon the format of the online conference.

CLEAR has several papers in the conference, including our own panel, featuring:

A review of marine plastic pollution in the environment of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Ammendolia, J., Liboiron, F., Bradshaw, H., Dawe, N., Melvin, J., Novacefski, M., Saturno, J., Wells, E., Mather, C., Liboiron, M

Plastic ingestion in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua): results from a citizen science
monitoring project on the southeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada

Citizen science tools, practices, and ethics for monitoring marine plastics developed in a feminist laboratory

You can leave us questions on the panel comments page this week (June 26th, 2017), and we’ll be sure to answer them! You can also leave us comments here.

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