Job opening for Nunatsiavut student in community science

Nain-getting gutsWe’re looking to hire a beneficiary of Nunatsiavut from one of the Inuit communities in Labrador to work on a project monitoring plastic in wild food in the region. Applicants should be enrolled at MUN in September 2018, ideally in areas related to science, the environment, community building, communication, and/or health, and willing to return to Nunatsiavut in the summer to work on the project. Applicants can be graduate or undergraduate students and will receive all the training they need to carry out the project.

The project involves using citizen science (or “kitchen science”) and laboratory methods for identifying plastics ingested by animals caught for food. The position will include processing fish and birds caught by hunters, organizing community meetings to discuss concerns around plastics, gathering samples from hunters and fishers, and conducting workshops teaching others to identify marine plastics. During the school year, we will be working at MUN in St. John’s, and in the summer some of our work will be in Nunatsiavut.

Successful applicants will be working with other students and members of CLEAR (Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research), under the supervision of Dr. Max Liboiron (MUN) and Liz Pijogge (Nain Research Centre). For more information about the lab, see For information about the Nain Research Centre, see

To apply, send a letter of interest outlining why you are interested in the position, what strengths or insights you bring to the position, and your studies at MUN to date, with a resume to You do not have to be in St. John’s this summer to apply. If you have questions, contact Max Liboiron at