PhD student position in Indigenous Place-Based Sciences

CLEAR, an anti-colonial and feminist marine science research lab based at Memorial University (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada), is recruiting a fully-funded, Indigenous doctoral position in place-based science.

This position takes emplaced knowledge, relations, and practices as its starting point for science, broadly defined. The exact contours of the project are up to the applicant but note that CLEAR’s specialities are in marine plastic pollution, citizen science, feminist science studies, Indigenous science and technology studies, discard studies, and Métis law. We do not assume that “place” does not also mean urban.

This position is funded and advised by Dr. Max Liboiron (Michif) in the Geography Department of Memorial University, and applicants can earn a Ph.D. in the natural or social sciences. Applications are encouraged by Dec 15th but may be accepted after that time if the position is not filled. Anticipated start date is May or September 2019, but other start dates can be considered. Really, we just want some awesome colleagues and logistics are secondary. Note that this position is for a self-identified Indigenous person.

To apply, please see CLEAR’s website to become familiar with the type of work we do and consult application requirements and eligibility for the Department of Geography. Finally, contact Dr. Max Liboiron (, who will be advising the position, to begin a conversation about applying. Dr. Liboiron has to support any application for its success.
If you are not eligible for a PhD but would like to work with CLEAR, we also have potential positions for Master’s students, undergraduate research assistants, and community collaborators.

A “universal” scientific protocol for monitoring marine plastics by scooping sand just doesn’t seem to work in Newfoundland…


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