Labrador workshops on plastics in wild food, June & July 2019

UPDATE! We have had to cancel this trip due to weather. We will reschedule later in the season. Contact Natasha Healey at 709-699-7369 or if you want to be included in a notice when we’ve rescheduled. Good luck to everyone on the north coast dealing with this fog!


40042017_974158162787222_8281081397800599552_nCLEAR’s Community Monitoring Project Coordinator, Natasha Healey, is heading to Labrador! Along with Liz Pijogge from the Nain Research Center, Natasha will be doing a public research talk followed by a free workshop on how to spot plastics in animal guts. Everyone is welcome- including kids!

They’ll be in Hopedale on June 24th, Postville on the 25th, Makkovik on the 26th, Rigolet on July 5th, and hopefully the south coast in early July as well.

They will also be collecting the guts of marine animals, such as sea birds, fish, etc., along their travels. If you or anyone you know hunt or fish and are interested in knowing if your food is contaminated, you can bag the guts of the animal(from the mouth to the end of the intestines), note the date and location caught, freeze them, and they will take them off your hands!
For more information about the talks, workshops, and gut collecting, please contact Natasha Healey at 709-699-7369 or