Dr. Max Liboiron (Michif/Red River Métis) has a position for a PhD student on a project about Indigenous Quantitative Methods. Applicants can be from the humanities and social sciences taking an STS approach to understanding Indigenous quantitative research, and/or from a STEM background with an interest in Indigenizing methods. Applicants must have: 1) a working understanding of some kind(s) of quantitative research methods, including experience using them in research, as well as, 2) fluency in Indigenous methodologies and research ethics broadly. The exact area of focus and methodologies of interest are to be determined in collaboration with the PhD student, Dr. Liboiron, and any community groups that are part of the project (community-based research is not required, but it is common in CLEAR and the PhD student may join existing projects).

The PhD position is based in the Geography Department at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and the PhD student is expected to be a member of the CLEAR lab. The stipend for Indigenous applicants is $29,300/year for four years, including benefits (medical, dental), and $3,000 for moving expenses if the applicant is not already in St. John’s. Tuition is not included. As per grant conditions, priority will be given to Indigenous applicants. The expected start date is Sept 2023 (though it can be July 2023 or Jan 2024 if required).

Applicants must contact Dr. Liboiron before they apply to Geography via the School of Graduate Studies at Memorial University. Please email a short introduction of yourself, including:
1) where you are from and how that impacts your knowledge production,
2) your undergrad and master’s level experience and research projects,
3) your knowledge of both Indigenous and quantitative methodologies, and
4) for Indigenous applicants, explain who claims you (not your self-identification, please).
Send your introduction to mliboiron@mun.ca with the subject heading “Indigenous quantitative methods PhD application.” Ensure you have read the Indigenous Quantitative Methods project description and looked at the CLEAR website overall. The Geography deadline for applications is in mid-January (somewhat flexible), so initial introductions, screening, and discussions must occur before that. If this ad is still up, the position is not yet filled. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Max Liboiron with the email heading mentioned above.