The Lab Book is always being updated and changing, and lives in a shared collaborative format so that lab members can make comments and update material. The Lab Book here is a snapshot of the book on September 3, 2021, version 3. 

Table of contents 

i. Hello, Reader!
Part one: Orientations
1. How to lab book
2. CLEAR Values
a. Humility
b. Accountability
c. Collectivity (semi-permeable membrane)
3. An anticolonial lab
4. CLEAR Rules
5. CLEAR Guidelines
6. A glossary of terms and their politics
a. Empowerment vs. participation in existing power structures
b. Outreach vs. always already being part of communities (or not)
c. Raising Awareness vs. infrastructure and power
d. Indigenous sciences vs. decolonial science vs. anticolonial sciences
e. Western Science(s) vs. Dominant Science
f. Settlers
g. Newfoundland vs. Newfoundland and Labrador
h. Fragile vs resilient vs…?
i. Field sites/work versus homelands
j. “Ladies” vs. job titles
k. “Crazy” vs. intense/overwhelming/jarring

Part two: Protocols
1. Onboarding for guest members 
2. Onboarding new full lab members
a. Orientation
b. Lab and Safety Onboarding tasks
c. Lab meetings
d. Logging hours
f. Processing samples
g. Lab Training for processing samples 
3. Exiting the Lab
4. Starting CLEAR
a. How CLEAR started
b. The people (hiring)
c. The name
d. The space
e. The structure
5. Introductions (please read before writing your bio for the lab website)
6. How we run a feminist lab meeting
a. Guidelines for safer collective conversations at CLEAR
b. Facilitation
c. Consensus-Based Decision Making
7. Lab Love Notes & Thank you cards
8. Calling in
9. Apologies
10. Equity in Author Order Protocol
11. How we Choose Lab Values
12. The Most Feminist Science Article in the World would include:
13. Using our Google Spreadsheets
14. Personal Vehicles for University Business
15. Quality Assurance/Quality Control, or, Contamination protocols
a. Tap Water Protocol
b. Percent Recovery Protocol (Proficiency Testing)
c. Waldo Plastics (Quality Assurance) 
d. Blanks and pinches (Contamination controls) 

Appendix 1: List of prioritized values from the consensus process (2021) 
Appendix 2: A wee primer on colonialism