Joining CLEAR

Thank you for your interest in joining CLEAR! We welcome applications from academics, community members, scientists, artists, and others who connect with our work. We are a mix of Indigenous and non-Indigenous lab members, and our membership includes a wide range of genders and backgrounds. As a lab, we strive to create and maintain an anticolonial and feminist research collective.

Community partnerships: We welcome partnerships with not-for-profit community groups in Newfoundland and Labrador, from school classrooms to ENGOs to rural municipalities, who are looking to monitor plastic pollution in their areas. We often provide pro bono technical training, co-application for funding/grants, use of our lab space, and other forms of capacity sharing in these cases. See our plastic monitoring project page for details on the type of work we do.

Researcher positions (all types): We get many, many more requests to work with us than we have positions to fill. At the moment, we have the following researcher positions available:

  • Multiple part-time (40 or 80 hours/semester) undergraduate research assistant positions for students enrolled at Memorial University in the winter of 2023. These are part of Memorial’s MUCEP and ISWEP programs. These positions are posted near the start of each semester. Apply via
  • One PhD position in Indigenous Quantitative Methods. Please read the details for the position.
  • Several Research Assistant positions in the natural and social sciences, which can be remote or local
  • Research Assistant positions for MFN, NG, and NCC students (MUNL St. John’s campus) to process environmental samples from Miawpukek First Nation, the Nunatsiavut Government, and NunatuKavut Community Council.
  • We do not currently have any open Master’s student positions or Artists in Residence positions

Prospective graduate students: All graduate students applying to CLEAR must be fully funded. The positions listed above are the only ones for which we currently have funding. If you are a graduate student who already has external funding from an agency such as the Tri-Council or Fullbright (not self-funded), you are welcome to apply as well. Notes for these applications:

  • Include an introductory email before you officially apply! Include why you think you’d be a good fit at CLEAR, your research interests, and a position statement (who you are, who you are accountable to, and where you’re from). We highly, highly recommend looking through this website and our lab book before you start. A fit with lab values is one of the primary considerations for selection. Email this introduction to Dr. Max Liboiron
  • Any research involving Indigenous peoples and/or cultures or that takes place on Indigenous lands (including the Arctic) must be initiated by that group. That is, we only do research with them and/or at their request and explicit invitation so the work directly addresses their prioriites. See our Guidelines for Research With Indigenous Groups.
  • We are disciplinarily agnostic– whether your background is in art, biology, cultural studies, gender studies, or cartography, we’re happy to consider your application. Geography is a wonderfully flexible and interdisciplinary program at Memorial University.