media attention

GUTS, Dir. Noah Hutton, Taylor Hess. Couple One Films and CLEAR. 16 minutes. 2019. A documentary about CLEAR.

Anti-Colonial Science & The Ubiquity of Plastic,” Interview with Tatti Riberio, Frank News US (print). January 9, 2019.

Episode 180: Max Liboiron,” Interview with Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe, Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS) (podcast), Rice University. June 6, 2019

Recycling is like a band-aid on gangrene,” Emily Buder, The Atlantic (print). June 13, 2019.

Atlantic Voice: Promiscuous Plastics,” Agenla Antle, CBC News (radio), September 23, 2018.

Assigning authorship for research papers can be tricky. These approaches can help,” Dalmeet Singh Chawla, Science Magazine (print). December 20, 2018.

Punk Science: Do-it-yourself Science is taking off,” The Economist, December 2017.
Features several open science projects, including BabyLegs, invented by Max Liboiron via CLEAR. Downloaded version here.

Marine microplastics problem in NL: MUN scientist,” CBC News, October 2016.
Print interview on microplastic research.

Local fisheries lab is looking for your fish innards to examine them for plastics,” The Telegram, August 2016.
Print interview on plastic ingestion studies in Newfoundland.

A story with guts: What this fisheries lab is learning about the state of the oceans,” CBC News, July 2016.
Print interview with CLEAR member Jess Melvin on fish ingestion studies, July 2016.

These ones are called BabyLegs, because they are made with baby tights’ says DIY surface trawl maker,” CBC News, July 2106.
Print interview on DIY trawl devices.

Testing the Trawls,” GazetteJuly 2016.
Print and video interview with Max Liboiron on DIY research trawl testing in the flume tank at the Marine Institute.

Researchers Are Dumpster Diving Outside the Large Hadron Collider,” Inverse Magainze, April 2016.
Print interview with Max Liboiron on scavenging as part of science tool creation.

Ocean plastic is like a smog, not a floating island,” Treehugger, June 2015.
Print interview with Max Liboiron and others on their marine plastic citizen science research expedition with 5 Gyres.