Guidelines for research with Indigenous Peoples

Due to an increased interest in applicants joining CLEAR, and particularly those who are interested in working in the far north and Labrador, we have created guidelines for research with Indigenous Peoples. These guidelines are based in existing calls to decolonize research, as well as the context at Memorial University of Newfoundland where nearly 100% of research on/with/for Indigneous people is done by settlers:

CLEAR guidelines for research with Indigenous Peoples:
1) We study with Indigenous peoples, rather than studying them or their ways– this means they (we) are full partners, own the data, create the research questions, and get paid;
2) We have to be invited by an Indigenous group, rather than requesting and being granted collaboration–this means we are already known to them (us);
3) Only Indigenous people study Indigenous peoples. As such, we prioritize the recruitment of Indigenous researchers, from undergraduate research assistants to graduate students to community-based researchers–we don’t need more settler insight into Indigenous lives;
4) Ethics clearance from Aboriginal Nations is required for all and any research in established territories, even if not required by the university or the nation;
5) All protocols for removing animals, plants, or other objects from the Land, must be observed. The lab grows tobacco and other gifts for this purpose.

Artwork by Christi Belcourt, “Honouring the Spirit