Applying for a position in CLEAR

Thank you for your interest in joining CLEAR!

CLEAR meeting. Photo by Bojan Fürst. 

We have an open, paid master’s position for a beneficiary of Nunatsiavut (Inuk) as a project lead on plastic monitoring in the region, to start September 2020 ($17,500/yr stipend, plus some travel). For more information about these targetted positions, please contact Dr. Max Liboiron at

If you are interested in another position at CLEAR, we often host undergraduate, graduate, and staff research assistants. We also host visiting researchers from other organizations. We welcome artists, engineers, scientists, social scientists, and people with diverse disciplinary backgrounds. We also have university staff and community members in our lab. We work together as a team in all activities, aiding one another and building on our collective strengths.

Application to CLEAR is highly competitive. We receive over 100 applications a year for a handful of positions. Given this volume, we are looking for not only good researchers, but for a demonstrated dedication to and familiarity with place-based, activist, feminist, Indigenous, anti-racist, and/or anti-colonial values and practices over and above discourses or academic interests in these topics. As such, we prioritize the ability for applications to articulate the link between science and politics, knowledge production and ethics, research and methods, and our obligations as knowledge producers to publics, stakeholders, and rightsholders. We hope that applicants are versed in these topics (via readings, activities, previous mentoring, etc) rather than discovering them at the moment of applying to the lab. Applicants to do not have to replicate our politics–rather,  we are looking for people with a working knowledge of how research is political. 

We care about how applicants can strengthen the lab in accordance with CLEAR’s goals of equity, justice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and humility in knowledge production. As a highly collaborative lab, we’re looking for how applicants articulate their role in reciprocal collaborative settings, rather than only how the lab will help or suit them. Note that because many of our activities are centered around public events and community groups as well as written work, we look for things like above-average speaking and writing abilities, bilingualism, and existing connections to communities.

Interested applicants should email CLEAR’s director, Dr. Max Liboiron ( with the following:

  • A short email of introduction detailing: 1) the capacity in which you would like to join CLEAR (MA in Sociology? PhD in Geography? work term in engineering? artist-in-residence? volunteer?); 2) your previous training or experience (formal or informal); 3) what you require to hold a position (funding? special equipment? dedicated space?) and; 4) why you want to work with CLEAR specifically;
    • This should include a statement of experience in feminist methods, activism, anti-racist, anti-colonial or queer science, traditional knowledge or Indigenous sciences, or other value-based approaches to knowledge production.  
  • A CV/resume, including a list of at least two references;
  • Unofficial transcripts, if applying for a student position.

Inclusion statement: We accept all genders, people from all disciplines and training backgrounds, a wide range of ages, and prioritize Indigenous applicants from anywhere in the world, and local applicants from the province.


Last updated October 2019.