Thank you for your interest in joining CLEAR!

Our membership includes undergraduate and graduate (Masters and PhD) students from a variety of disciplines, including Geography, Sociology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Ocean Sciences, English, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences. We also have university staff and community members in our lab. We work together as a team in all activities, aiding one another and building on our collective strengths.

Application to CLEAR is highly competitive. We receive over 100 applications a year for 0-3 positions. Given this volume, we are looking for not only excellent researchers, but also excellent fit with the unique way we run our lab through activist, feminist, decolonial values and practices. As such, we prioritize the ability for applications to articulate the link between science and politics, knowledge production and ethics, and our obligations as knowledge producers to the wider public. We care less about grades and disciplines, and more about how applicants can strengthen the lab in accordance with CLEAR’s goals of equity, justice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and humility in knowledge production. Note that because many of our activities are centered around public events and community groups as well as written work, we look for above average speaking and writing abilities.

Interested applicants should email CLEAR’s director, Max Liboiron (mliboiron@mun.ca) with the following:

  • A letter of introduction (an email is fine) detailing the capacity in which you would like to join CLEAR (MA in Sociology, PhD in Geography, work term in engineering, etc), your previous training or experience (formal or informal), and a short synopsis of a research area and why you want to work with CLEAR specifically;
  • A short research proposal (1 page). While Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) has many ongoing projects, students, interns,and research assistants have autonomy over what they work on. Applicants are encouraged to look at current projects at CLEAR as well as those at the Waste, Science, Technology & Environment (WaSTE) group. Proposals may request to expand an existing project or propose a new one. Since students are self-directed, it is important that you are able to articulate your own area of research interest, even if it changes once you are a member;
  • A statement of how you fit in a feminist, activist, decolonial lab (1 page).  This means a description of not only how/why you are invested in these politics, but how you can add synergy, value, experience, etc, to these frameworks specifically. Some of our political frameworks are outlined here: https://civiclaboratory.nl/about/
  • A CV/resume, including a list of at least two references;
  • Unofficial transcripts.

Inclusion: We accept all genders, people from all disciplines and training backgrounds, and prioritize Indigenous applicants.