Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) is based on the principle of equity, one of the main values of feminism. But what does this mean and how does equity influence how we do science? This  20-minute video, recorded for the Lives and Afterlives of Plastic online conference, offers an overview of the tools, practices, and ethics that underpin our research:



  1. Land Acknowledgement (0-1:30)
  2. Introduction to feminism and equity (2:00-5:37)
  3. Primer on marine plastic pollution (5:38-9:15)
  4. How our science is feminist (8:55-20:27)
    1. Our research topic & environmental justice (8:55-9:43)
    2. Equity in scientific tools & protocols (9:43-15:13)
    3. Sample collection & community peer review (turning citizen science on its head) (15:13-20:25)